Kangaroo Warrior - low poly game character

Hey everyone, started this character about an hour ago of a kangaroo/warrior hybrid creature. I did a quick box model of the base mesh and the clothing with no subdivisions so hes looking blocky right now…might turn him hi-res if I like the way he turns out. I’ve got a good bit of work left on this guy either way, ill post more when its more refined and looking like a proper bad ass! Thanks for viewing.


getting there, still bouncing around clothing/armor ideas. Once ive got that worked out im going to give proper hands and feet then start sculpting in details (wrinkles in clothes, muscles and face). Any tips for doing the fur/hair in cycles? Thanks for viewing

Are you open to receiving criticism?

always man thats how I learn haha, rip it open if need be I wont mind.

Here is my tweak of your model–mostly proportions.

oh cool, thanks man! I was definitely changing the tail and I like the longer legs as opposed to the torso as well as the feet. Ill post the cleaner version with those updates. Looks more like a kangaroo this way. I need to practice my proportions better, I can make a cool interior/arch scene no problem but anatomical forms need work to say the least lol

The hard part is already done–your concept is rich in character and life–and you aren’t even done yet!

Anatomy is technical, anyone can do this–it’s the book smarts part.

Thanks man, heres the updated version with fixed proportions. Just cleaning up topology before I sculpt and I probably tweak some things during that phase as well. Looks a lot better to me now. Thanks again for the tip

Heres the previous so you can see the difference better

The arms are bent a bit awkwardly and they are very long. If you hang your own arms by your side, your finger tips will only go mid thigh. Keep that in mind there. A kangaroo typically has very short arms–so if he had arms like an ape, we’d be looking at a very different creature.

It is looking better.

I can also go much further and provide you with a nice blueprint in the form of a concept for the body.

Thanks for the critique man, I made a few minor adjustments and started adding detail. I shortened the arms but didnt like the way it affected the style of the character. I want him to be a bit lanky haha. Heres an updated render of the new version, hes starting to look like more of a character and less of a mesh I think. Next step is to refine the materials, add more detail and possibly finish the face. Then set up a better lit scene for a good render. let me know if you like it, Im trying to better my character modeling skills and could use the critiques.

quick update with some more detail

turntable test 2 with the more detailed model. Gettin there but needs more work

looking good :wink: is this still low-poly?

thanks man, its creepin up there in terms of poly count. As he sits in the picture, its 54k polys. I can boil him down to about 4-5k poly’s though pretty easily if I was going to implement him into a game. His body is 3,200 polys but his clothing/gear makes up 51k combined. Thats why I like to work with he subdivision modifier when modeling, you can always change the count without using decimate or some other program. I can get the body to be 816 poly’s if need be lol. Im not going to be adding a whole lot more detail on this guy. Mostly just creating a cool scene for him and pose. Any suggestions on parenting all the clothing to the rig would be cool, I feel like im doing it the slow way haha.

Study anatomy and look at some sexy wireframes.

Specifically, study the skeleton and once you understand the mechanical construction of a human being, rib cage, sternum, scapula, humorous, thigh bone, pelvis, illiac crest, etc…

What I did to get good at 3D was live and breath anatomy. These things, all those amazing modelers, all those amazing painters–it starts here, in anatomy.

As I am typing this, I am about to head out to a life drawing class–do this too. This is a lot of work, and I think it’s worth your time to consider putting more focus on it–you have a foundation that can be built on.

Pose test, mid walk-cycle

Thanks for the tips man, I know its a major help in character creation. Ive got a few books on figure drawing and anatomy that im reading through. Breaking things into basic shapes helps me too when I start. I modeled this character with no reference or images open on my screens, just sat down and started with a cube. Was a fun exercise and Im pretty near completion on this one, Im pretty happy with the way it turned out so far. Heres an updated with some final touches. I might tweak a few more things before I post to the finished threads as well as create a scene for him. Next character might be a koala ninja for this guy to battle haha.

updated turntable test, gettin there. only 100 samples this time, 175 frames repeated. took about 1min 40 seconds a frame.