KanYe's white shades from stronger

A few months back i made a remix to Kanyes West’s song “Stronger” so I made this:


Unfortunately,the blend file got deleted during a system restore.:frowning:

They are cool, the second one is very cool.

How did you get the speckly effect?

Oh srry forgot to say which programs i used:Blender and Gimp for the speckles

more opinions please :slight_smile:

ok, i think its have nothing to do in the finished project section, because its looks like a 5 min doodle.

more opinions please :frowning:

It’s an “ok” model, but you need to work on the lighting, and materials (needs more colour)… having two shadows coming from the shades is confusing.


cool shades, the edges are too blocky though.
looks unfinished, would look good in a red plastic or similar.
+1 to other crits.