KAPLA blocks

I started looking at objects on my desk one day and wondering if I could model them, so I tried it… I think my gyroscope turned out okay, but I found the audiocassette tape to be a 8!+(# of a job :frowning: for a crummy modeler like me :expressionless: … so to try something else, I decided to model something with really simple geometry. :wink:
Having explained that, here are my KAPLA blocks:

Has anyone seen these before? These types of building blocks actually exist; I have a box of them. That’s how I was able to get the photo textures. They don’t look quite the way they do in real life, because of the bad lighting (I had to light this in a hurry, sorry)… I don’t know if this image is finished or not, but I do plan to make more arrangements with these simple blocks.

Looks cool but the texturing could be better. The blocks actualy remind me of the game Jinga!

Thanks, yeshuawatso… I__ should probably take better photos and blend the textures so that they are actually seamless at the edges.

I once saw an animation (I think it was a blender animation) starring a bunch of Jenga blocks… did anyone else ever see that? :-? The hungry Jenga block trying to reach the cookies?

i like the mood of this render a lot, very calm.
it reminds me of the lincon logs i usd to play with as a kid.

also here is a two odd questions for you, first is that your eye in the avatar photo, and are you male or female. just a question i have wondered for awhile, strange i know.

I think that this is very nice, although I think the existing shadows are a bit too harsh. A weak fill-light, perhaps warm yellow, is needed beneath the objects to reduce the amount of contrast between the objects (undersides) and the background.

Wu: Thanks, calmness and stability was sort of my aim in this image. In response to your questions, no, the eye is just a stock photo I__ ripped off the internet via Google image search. :wink: My gender is male. Hmm… lincoln logs… that’s an idea… :smiley:

sundialsvc4: I just returned from a trip and was able to do something about that crummy lighting. I added some up-pointing spots and a hemi to simulate reflected and diffused light from the floor, which I think improves it:
No raytracing, so it renders in < 1 minute.

Here’s another, considerably more complex structure:
No one-minute renders this time :wink: (“too many objects in selectbuf”…)
Still glad for any comments/criticism :slight_smile: