"Kastrullkrigaren" [Now with rusty metal tutorial]

Created for the raytracing compo at Amiga Summer Party in gothenburg.


Gotta stop making my characters green :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Background by [Kothe], thanks a bunch!

Tutorial about how I made the rusty metal (helm, shoulderpad, buckle):

The background doesn’t fit in the picture I think, and the metal parts are like cut out and pasted on your character idem for the big fangs in post-work. Dunno why.

This is to bad cuzz the green guy seems to have been well moddelled


“Kastrullkrigaren” ? Are you from sweden?.. The model lokks great!

Nice modelling and beard!
Not sure why he’s wearing a pan on his head though…

Thanks for the kind words!

snelleeddy: I think it’s rather the other way around, the character is the one that doesn’t fit in. I got a recomendation to make his skin a little bit more “natural”, and I think that’s indeed what I want to do. This project was compleated in a very short timeframe, so I don’t know if I’ll bother making any changes, but I’ll keep you words in mind for my next project.

blender_noob: That’s right, pure swedish viking.
If you’re interested, feel free to join the swedish blender community at www.sweblend.se

new_neo: “kastrull” is swedish for saucepan, and “krigare” means warrior