Katamari Damacy Tribute

Yo check it. For whatever reason, not sure why, I got the idea to make a tribute to
Katamari Damacy using Blender while people north, south east and west of me are
either evacuating because of the southern California wildfires or waiting to be evacuated.
Is there something wrong with me? Maybe. Or maybe my way of handling stress is
to play with Blender. Enjoy.

Yes I know this picture is super simple in detail, but that’s the way the game artwork is.
About the moths…I’m not sure. I liked the idea of them swirling around the prince. I
used Array and Curve modifiers and an Empty to get them like this. The shading was
fun too. Lots of experimenting but I finally got it looking super close to the real thing.

If you’ve never played it you’re missing out. It’s so awesome.

Edit: I am also dedicating this picture to those who lost their homes in the Cali wildfires
as they have been spreading. My heart goes out to you all.


Where have all the objects gone (singing)

Weeee, I Like We love katamary, And I think that his majesty is so handsome that someone’s gotta make him with blender. And I think that Ghost_train has potential to that job :wink:

This is great one, Love it

LOL I HAD TO LAUGH WHEN I SAW THIS! I love Me and My Katamari (Psp Version) it is truly one of the best games ever. You should combine that with a picture of the earth like have a katarmari ball rolling around earth teh size of the moon. Anyway sorry for being so noobsih but I had to post. Oh and I agree where are all the objects like fish and lipstick and a toilet and sumo wrestlers and buildings and people and bikes and dogs and toothpicks and cd players and phones and this extremely long on senseful post and my dog and the end of this post…

Oh snap! I’ll take that as a challenge. Thanks for the comments.

BTW, can we have the materials for this PLEASEEE :smiley: Its like perfection of anime/poster toon shading

na naaaa, na na na na na na na na Katamari Damacy

na naa, na na na na na na na Katamari Damacy!

Awesome image, it really captures the game.

Now i really want to model the prince

For the Katamari ball all the colors (any colors you want)had these settings:

Shading Button Panel (F5)

-Shaders tab:
Ref: 0.4
Size: 1.14
Smooth: 0.0

Spec: 0.0
Size: 0.0
Smooth: 0.0

Tralu: 0.5

Emit: 0.1

Those are the only changes I made from the default settings.

And then for the prince himself I just tried to match the colors to the
way his pictures looked like in the manual. They’re still a little off.
But since you never really see any shadows on him these are the settings
I used for each his colors:

Shading Button Panel (F5)

-Material tab:
Turn on Shadeless

-Shaders tab:
Lamber: Ref: 0.8

And that’s really it. Not many changes. Just kept tweaking it to my liking.

There was one Hemi lamp to make everything lit and then one Sun lamp angled
to get the shading on the Katamari to show on the part I wanted.

Hopefully that helps to give you a good starting place. I’m sure you guys could
make it look way better than I did. It was a fun little project. I wanted to make
more objects but I was too eager to get this first piece uploaded on my DeviantArt
page. Also, I’m still trying to find some good reference pictures of the different
people/objects from the game. I may just have to go to the item collection screen
in the game and go from there. I’m going for an authentic Katamari look.

I know what my problem is. I haven’t played it in a while.:yes: