Katana WIP

Katana Terminology

This katana looks like a real katana, with a random hamon.
(The creator of the “instructable” linked above thinks he has seen samurai, but he explains how to tell fake katanas from real ones, so you understand what I mean of the hamon/temper line.)

Big Render, 5500x1180, shows details. If the image isn’t like 20 times bigger than a normal screen, click on it.
I’m using an AngMap as a reflection texture, in “Add” mode.

The attachment is how the blade looked like when I just started.


Better lightning, and a hamon.
Next I’ll make the tsuba (guard)


It’s almost ready.
Please comment


A bit of adjusting, higher resolution render.
All textures except the handle/tsuka and the hamon/temper line stencil are procedural, not images. Including the blade (it has clouds NoiseSize 0.001 with size X 0.01 in the Map To tab)
Click Here

New Tsuba (guard)
Metals are now more reflective


The sword’s finished.
But I still need to make the sheath, scabbard, saya, 鞘.
Edit: I forgot to make the groove thingy on the blade that makes the katana lighter…
Edit: Done

Improving handle.
I figured out I need to get rid of all the noise (motion blur effect)

Thats good, but, Katana’s are the pinnacle of the swordsmakers art, you should add more detail to Tsuba, it needs an emblem, there are also several other areas that need more detail and I think a few things are missing that are usually a part of the Katana as well. At least that’s as far as I can remember based on general reading a several museum exhibits.

Thanks. This isn’t a finished project yet, as you can see.
I couldn’t add much more detail to the tsuba.
I made the “groove thingy”, after research I saw that it’s called “hi”. Yes, hi.

Ah yes, a Katana…made two of them myself (in Blender, I mean :wink: ).

A few things: reconsider the shape of the blade, the tip seems too less defined.
Proportions seem to be more or less okay, the handle is maybe a bit short (but I personally never made a 100% accurate Katana…nor did I care about that).
I can see that the wrapping of the handle is only textured…I know it sounds hard but try to model it. The depth you gain by that really improves the overall quality of a katana model. The Tsuba is still a bit boring, too, I found some for my project which were very simple to model but detailed enough to look nice. I don’t really see a reason why that shouldn’t work for you?

Keep at it.

IM no expert on Japanese swords, but there are quite a few in a museum near my house and all of them are almost mirror like on the blade, with swirling patterns where the steel has been folded. yours looks a little too Matte.

Otherwise i think that this is pretty decent. :slight_smile:

The shape of the blade is perfect. Like a real katana. If it doesn’t seem to you is because you were using cheap $15 stainless steel wall hangers as reference :wink:
(Even if they said it’s real. They’re liars)
I tried to model the handle, but it was way too hard. I might try again. I was using thistechnique. Which one did you use?
It didn’t bend properly at the handle.
If I can model the handle, the only image textures will be bump maps for engravings and the blade hamon stencil :slight_smile:

I’ll sell this at TurboSquid when it’s finished.

I’ll upload some screenshots soon.

Edit: Tedcase, the blade’s already reflective, but I think I’ll make it a bit more reflective and add a better background so it’s visible.


Here’s a Japanese terminology schematic for the katana.

The kashira has a Japanese symbol on it, that means courage.

I may improve the character a bit.

Now it has gold :slight_smile:

I think it’s wrong. I think the actual symbol is 勇.
I got this from a videogame mod. That’s why it was wrong, I believe.
Edit: Uploaded new image
I won’t make the “file markings” present in real swords until it’s completely finished.


i prefer the one in the first image :slight_smile: looks more rustic and realistic…i think :slight_smile:

The handle is still a image texture, it doesn’t look good when seen close…
Edit: I noticed bump maps ruin reflection. I removed the bump maps, instead I’m just using color. Uploading render soon.


New screenshot!
Now it has better reflection!


i really like this sword… speacially the handle :slight_smile:

Impressive, now its looking much more like the katana’s I know, now just a single question, do you understand the terminology and why those various parts were labelled?

Katanas are Japanese, so the terminology is how the parts are called in Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

I might use this as the tsuba, I wanted to make my own design, but this fits perfectly.

I want to know which technique should I use to model the handle wrap!
I forgot making the menuki…

2 sides: