Hi all!
Inspired by the work of Sir Yan Goument, I realized I also my version, perhaps too similar, but I couldn’t resist.
Its render and perfect, and in fact, my goal was to get as close as possible.
Modeled in Blender, V-Ray render.
I would choose the best textures, but I could not find anything more beautiful.


very nice clean render :slight_smile:


great job on those knots especially. very convincing.

Nice attention to detail! Other than the aliasing on the blade in the second pic this is pretty much flawless.
Well done!

Hey, where’s the Tanto? You need to have a second, smaller blade there, tradition and what-not.

Thats really great looking, especially the cordage and knots as someone else said.

I assume you used a display piece for reference? If so its completely spot on :slight_smile: Astounding work.

If you were going for the look of a real one the blade should be less shiny and the “hamon” (the wavy line on the blade) would look quite different. Also it would most likely have menuki, little bone or metal handle ornaments under the handle wrap.

That is a beautiful render! Very well done. How did you do the thread on the handle? Did you use particles? Or is it just texturing?

For the handle I’ve only modeled a piece,i also used a texture.
Thanks to all!


Wire is here.



I changed the blade.


I have to say you really did the tsukamaki well, and the ito texture is very nice (could be just a tiny bit more subtle, it looks slightly like a drivers seatbelt, but if you were going for a modernized tactical look then it’s totally fine)! I usually do the tsukamaki with just two overlapping planes that I solidify, but I’m lazy like that, haha, you did it very good. The blade looks a bit like a decorative sword more than a functional katana, but that is not to say authentic swords like that didn’t or don’t exist, it’s just a blade geometry and hamon also typically seen on acid etched decorative pieces (if that was your reference then that’s really well replicated of course!). I’ve seen that tsuba now on three different artist’s renders in slightly different variations.

Render-wise, they’re both great pieces, the view is balanced and the shades and materials are great!

EDIT: Also it seems on top of that tsuba, you mimicked the way the samehada is done. Real samehada is round, a bit cobblestone like look, not square or scale-like. It looks pretty, but isn’t really authentic.

beautiful work, especially on the little details.

Wow, beatiful, I want one of those!

those textures are amazing… it feels like you could touch it. Not the blades of course:)

I cannot agree in that but only because I don’t know what the h*ll a tsukamaki is. C’mon now, just dumb it down for us idiots… ;D

looks flippin awesome

Thanks guys, you are very kind:)

Second version is almost perfect. Really like it.

Uooooo!! Fantastic Katana Crisbono!! I’ve posted on the blog I have to share, mostly in Spanish, some tutos and resources for Blender that I’m compiling while I’m learning arround the net. I hope you don’t mind :wink:

Here is the link: Katana, de Crisbono