Kawaski ZX10R (another update!!!!, requesting help!)

:smiley: here is my first attempt at modelling something from refrence photos, its pretty damn hard lol up to now ive been working on this for about 2 to 3 hours :slight_smile:

anyway crits and comments needed please


here is the refrence shots ive been


p.s. the materials are only a test :wink:

looks good so far for 2-3 hours of modeling. Keep us posted!

here is another update, damn its really hard trying to model from photos :frowning: i decided to add to exhausts, i think it looks better, but im open to crits and comments :wink:


Looking good so far.

One slight suggestion I have would be to render your image with some better contrast so we can see the bike itself.

Could do this by changing background colour and increasing some light intensity values.

Keep on going :wink:

PolygoneUK: good idea :wink: lol

here is another small update


another update :smiley:

any ideas for making the front? im struggling to make it bend around with out losing the form of the panels, if u know what i mean.




another update, ive added small things like the indicators, alloys etc

any one got any ideas how i should model the front of the bike?


Really nice progress. Keep up the good work.


here is another update :smiley:

blender boolean= :< , when will blender have decent boolean tools?

anyway ive kind of went of the refrences a bit, the front is kind of my own version



I was reading about booleans, you might find :expressionless:

Link below, Thanks MrMuscly

You missed a v in development Boder. :wink:


boder: the page is blank :-?

thnx for all the praises every 1 :slight_smile:

here is another update


another update, ive nearly finished modelling the engine, although i still need to add some little detailsa at the bottom etc. now ive got to model the disk brakes and calipers :frowning:

ive treid megabool but it keeps coming up with an error, something to do with not supporting vectors :-? is there is specific version i need for this to run? im currently running v2.4a2


another update, ive pretty much finished the panels. now im gona start on the detials i.e. disk brakes, wires and the engine!

comments and Crits still needed and very welcome