kczmrk - sketchbook

After a long time of watching tutorials and brilliant work of other I thought to do some stuff as well.
Particular inspiration was that guy, beeple, who told in interview that one should put his balls outside and release. Release and be criticised, as this is the way to grow.
And I want to be better. So I release. Rest is up to you :slight_smile:

These images look like they would make pretty good dreamscapes without losing any sense of substance. An abstract landscape that is not too random in nature.

The exception I think might be image 3, I think the visual weighting is skewed a bit to the left so it could use something in the right half. Image 5 in contrast makes far better use of empty space (where it fits into the scene).

Thank you for encouraging words Ace Dragon.
As the time passes I’m starting to awake my mind and connect loose points into some kind of a bigger universe/story/style. There are so many things, techniques and effects that I want to explore though :slight_smile:

I’m trying to incorporate the random as well. Composition skills are on the check list. And after one month of training I see exactly the same problem in pic3.

Here are some more pics:

(thank you Atom for fibermesh add-on, wherever you are)

these are strong compositions…and fine renders…illustration background ?

Thank you jantim, that’s very nice to hear :slight_smile:
Not in particular, but I have some prior experience in darkest corners of commercial industry (like sausages, weddings etc.)

There is more:

(I don’t really like this one anymore)

from this pic I’m doing everything in square format. I think this way it’s more browser friendly.

question on the wires. and ive wondered this on a few blends wher ei see ropes and wires. is there anything special about that or just a tube with a curve? also is there an easy way to wind it around things? like the glowy ball you have there in the middle? or just extruding a curve in the desired shape? also any tips on getting the rope slack to look natrual like you did?

@bpwmd: In this case it’s a hand shaped curve dragged around with proportional editing to make the “hanging look”. So you guessed right, nothing special, no secret kungfu behind.

Along the way I’ve experimented also with some approach from yt tutorial on simulating wires with physics (vertices with cloth sim parented to curve), but it wasn’t very flexible (and soo tedious to set up.)
So at this point I’m joining you in question for any reliable way to achieve wires in blender, anyone? :smiley:

And here are some additional pics for today:

A very neat looking sketchbook. I have to say though my absolute favourite is the red sun in #7.

Good work!

Nice to see such a cornucopia of styles developing here (from the painted look to realism).

Much of it is somewhat surreal, and I mean that in a good way. Nice work on the newer images.

just had an idea involving bones and physics. let me look a bit

Let me know if you’ll get something bpwmd :wink:

Ace Dragon, I really can’t think about a bad example of surreal art. One thing for sure is that this 3d is a great foray to make strange things in physically based environment, and I’m willing to explore those fields as often as possible.

Thanks Rachel! I’m pretty fond of the tree scene as well.

I will note though, you’re only doing a physically-based environment in Blender if you use Cycles (as far as built-in solutions go). It doesn’t apply to BI because it uses cheap legacy tricks from a time when computer hardware was far less powerful.

I’m aware of that :wink: And thanks to progress in cycles I’m finally doing things in blender for pleasure. As with internal all of my ideas were like “do scene and light it in one week”. Now it’s a breeze to drop sun lamp or HDR and render decent stuff.

Dropping some stuff for today as well:

here is a short of what i came up with