KDE Wallpaper

I’m making wallpaper for KDE. Need critique.
The theme is sci-fi
This is low resolution and low sample render.

This will be use for wallpaper, Is it too dark? Too bright? Something missing or too much?

maybe make it more wider in the upward and downwards sides, and a little bit of bightness too

So, my thoughts:

  • To much black. Darkness is fine, but this is pure black. Unless there’s a visible sense of purpose for it, I’d try and use dark shades of other colors. Nothing is black in nature.

  • To continue on the previous point - I’d avoid that much darkness surrounding your central point. A vignette is fine sometimes to put an emphasis on the central part from the edges, but here it’s just blackness, surrounding an also dark-ish center. I get that the focal point should be the logo, but it’d be better to put it in some kind of context in relation to the background. Right now it has the same effect as if you’d put it on a dark blue radial gradient, if you know what I mean.

  • I’d try to add more “structure” to it. More details for the eye to recognize and catch on to, and different sizes - take those 2 spring-like thingies on the left for example - more of that -> some big, some small…

  • Try to ease on the light traces and rays. Unless you’re representing an event in super slow motion for instance, or micro particle movements, they are just nice details and should be treated that way. I get a feeling that here they are filling up for something that should have been there instead.

So, please don’t take all this to heart, the last thin I want is to discourage you or to sound too pompous. I think you are on the right track and I like the direction, but I’d look at this piece - as is right now - as just one stage on a road from concept to finish.

Keep going and good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks so much.