keep a location relative to an object

I’m new here :] Hopefully this is the right section for my question.

I’d like an object to keep its relative location/rotation to an other object but I couldn’t find a constraint that does that.
Does anybody know how to do that?

Welcome to BA!! Just a tip, you really need to describe what you are after in just a little bit more detail. There are several ways to do this, but the best choice would depend upon your specific needs. For the sake of clarity, lets call the ‘other object’ - object A, and the object you want to keep a relative location/rotation to object A, we’ll call that object B. So off the top of my head…

  • Make object B a child of object A. (select object B, shift select object A, ctrl-P -> set parent to object) Now where ever you move object A, object B will move along with it, keeping its offset. But if you rotate A, B will rotate with it, but you can adjust the rotation of B as needed… not what I think you are after.

  • Add an empty at the location of object A, parent both A & B to the empty. Now move the empty and object A & B will follow, rotate object A, and object B won’t rotate.

  • Add a copy location constraint to object B. First, check the ‘keep offset’ box on the constraint and then in the target field, enter object A as the target. Now object B will move as object A moves, but rotate object A & object B won’t move.

  • Transformation constraint could be setup to achieve everything mentioned above and possibly more, depends upon what you need. (bit of a pain to setup IMO)

  • Drivers could be set up to achieve everything the transformation constraint can do, and can overcome limitations of the constraint. (some constraints don’t play nicely with 360 degree rotations)

There are other options as well, but more advanced… So it all comes down to what exactly do you need?


That works perfect! Thank you :]