Keep Reverse foot setup attached and Drivers ie IK switch and shape keys

Hi has anyone out there got any tips on keeping the reverse foot setup attached to the leg yet still retain IK,(trying to keep my rig tidy)

also Its been a ages since I’ve done drivers in blender ie ik switch etc anyone know of some good basic tutorials for drivers in blender 2.57 that are not videos as I’m on dial up.

Thanks for any help


PS: I have tried adding a extra bone and copy location constraint, I will keep trying other ideas till something better turns up cheers


Creature_Rig_WIP.blend (106 KB)

Managed to make my first driver in 2.57 man my head hurts :spin: still confused as hell but oh well thats nothing new when it comes to rigging :yes:


Driver_Test.blend (74.6 KB)