Keep size of the Blender Preferences window

is there any way to remember and keep size of the Blender Preferences window?
it is too small and need to resize each time i run blender

no as far as I know… I was boring too so I made a workspace that open the preferences as an editor (with a decent size)


Hey, now that is a pretty good solution.

Hopefully the developers will make unnecessary someday. Until then, I’m going to utilize the custom preferences workspace solution as well.

Here’s another thing you can do in 2.80 with the new windowing features. I’m not sure it’s a more desirable way to do it, but it illustrates some cool things you can do now.

Open up your default blender scene and go to Window->New Window. Now combine all the regions in the new window down to one, change it to the Preferences editor, and size and position it the way that you like. You can even put it on another monitor.

Now if you go to File->Save Startup File, the next time you start Blender you will get both the main and this new window back exactly as they were when you saved the startup file. You can even minimize the new window before doing it, and it will start up that way so you can just bring up the window from the task bar whenever you want it. It won’t affect the Edit->Preferences menu command though which will always create the same default window as before.

Another feature of the way these secondary windows work is that their contents are per-Workspace. So in each Workspace you can customize the window contents and it will change back and forth as you switch workspaces. When you have a second monitor, this is a way to have a complete multi-screen Workspace setup where everything is put back each time you start Blender, as it will remember which screen each windows was on as well as size, position, and of course its content layout.

thanks! that’s is smart