Keep the hands in a certain position


I’m learning animation in blender and try to make a character use a pitchfork

I’d like to know if there a way I could keep the hands on the stick in the exact same position and same distance from eachother, while I’ll be moving the pitchfork up and down to create keyframes ?

The pitchfork is an other mesh, and I can’t see how I could parent it to the hand bones

I’m new to animation and I can’t find a tutorial about my problem, it’s like a soldier who should keep the sword in his hands while you grab it and move it, is there an easy way or I have to move the pitchfork manually on each keyframe to match the hands position ?

Thank you

To parent.

With the Pitchfork selected.
In the properties editor: Object: Relations Panel
Set Parent to the characters Armature, set type to bone, then select the hand bone.

Or a quick way.
Select the Pitchfork, then hold Shift and select the hand bone, while the characters armature is in pose mode.
Then press Ctrl+P and parent to bone.

Heres a rig i made.
I parented two empties to the pole, then used the empties as an IK target for the arm bone constraints.
So The pole moves the arms.


pole_arm.blend (454 KB)

Awesome ! You made it very clear with the example file. I forgot about empty objects, they work perfectly

Thanks a lot !