Keeping 3 point Perspective?

I am not sure if this is the right forum section to ask this question but here it goes. How can I get wide angle type shot without messing up the perspective. I want to show more than I Have been able to get the camera view to show. I can get the sot below but that back wall is supposed to be flat but it looks angled. I had to change the focal length to get so much in the camera view. Is there another way to achieve such a wide shot?

I want to keep the three point perspective while still showing the whole scene.
Thanks for any help and advice :slight_smile:

Rotate your camera so it’s horizontal, your vertical lines now should all be parallel. But it’s not the shot you want. So with the camera selected, go to the Object Data, and under the Lens tab, adjust the Shift values.

THe problem is now that camera is almost orthographic and doesn’t really have much perspective. The lines are not supposed to be parallel but neither are they supposed to tip outward. They should be tipping in I would think.

Try to rotate your camera so it’s slightly facing down and use the Shift values to move the frame up.

Hello I´m not sure if this can help you, but try the perpektive camera settings (like fisheye) play with the focal lenght and field of view there and render in between to see the changes. or maybe you mean the animation, so try to rotete your cam globally and not locally?
Hope this can help you!
In my opinion your brick-texture is too big for this room, because it´s a very large room you maybe should repeat your texture 6 times and not 3times (or mirror it), but this is my opinion. “Hören Sie auf Ihren Architekten” :wink: