Keeping intertwined rigidbodies from through each other

Greetings all:

I am working on something where I have a bunch of interlaced torus objects and they all have rigidbodies, but when I animate, they come apart in some places after coming in contact with the passive rigidbody I am trying to fit them to. The tori do not intersect at all in frame 1. I have found that triangulating the meshes and using the “Mesh” shape for the rigidbodies has given me the best results so far.

Here are some pictures to hopefully show what I am getting:

Here is “Frame 1”.

Frame 28 - BLAM! rings are everywhere!

Here are the rigidbodies that I have set up thus far. Torus Rigid Body is on the Left; Passive Rigid Body for the form I am trying to shape to on the right.

Maybe there is a better way to accomplish my goal but I think this should be doable.

Thanks for your help!

well, you could try increasing the simulation quality and precision, just go in the Scene tab and increase “steps per second” and “solver iterations”, this should make everything more stable, but at the cost of simulation time

Thank you guys! The “steps per second” and “solver iteration” values seem to be doing the trick! I have to bump them up a little bit more but I can already see an improvement.