Keeping the water out of a Sail Boat Animation

I am creating a sail boat animation and will be floating a hull on water and would like to know how to keep the water mesh outside of the boat mesh.


Several options. Here’s the easiest.

  • Parent a lattice to the hull object with the lattice a modifier of the “water” object. With the right edit of the lattice you can make the hull “displace” the water as it moves through it. Then apply whatever technique you will use to make the “water” look like water.Pappy

Cool idea, but would it allow for a wake?

For the wake you’ll need to use an animated displacement map. It can be the same map you create for the waters waves.

This is where it gets to be not-so-easy. Here’s the “Cliff Notes” version.

  1. Apply an animated clouds procedural(s) to the water.
  2. Create a parented proxy of the waterline area of your boat, and give it a neutral gray (127,127,127) material.
  3. Add a white particle emitter to the back and sides of the proxy “waterline” object.
  4. Add an orthographic camera that looks straight down onto the “water” object.

The goal of all the above is to render out a grayscale image sequence that contains ALL the displacement and bump information. The animated clouds being the waves, gray “waterline” object being the boats location, and particles being the wake.

Run this sequence through a blur filter - (nodes will work for this) and map it to the water plane so it controls displacement and bump. Combine it with the lattice modified boat location, fantastic materials and lighting, and amaze your friends and Blender forum members. :smiley:


Sorry but I am new to blender so could you go a little more step by step?
As a simple test I created an UVSphere mesh and cut it in half. Then I added a Lattice around the mesh and parented it to the mesh. I then added a plan that bisected the Sphere. At this point I get lost. I have tried to put the Lattice as a modifier of the Plane but the plane mesh still bleeds into the Sphere.

Here’s a Blend to look at.



But what I am asking is how to have the hull “displace” the water. I think I understand how to add a Lattice to an object but How do you get that lattice to displace another mesh (the water)?

Uoops, must have caught you in mid reply!

Thanks so much for the example!