keKit for Blender (2.8+)

v1.408 is up


“Subd Toggle (Upd/Fix)” now it’s freaking awesome tool! Thank you so much Kjell! :clap:

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I’ve found a minor bug in sculpting mode. When SubDing it prompts the following error:

Thanks. I have fixed that one now. in the next release. But, I found there are some pretty nasty bugs all of a sudden in both fitprim and unrotator. so I will have to adress those, eta unclear.


Unrotator - I noticed several problems with Decal Machine floating geometry some time ago. But I addressed it to the tricky DM internal parent-child structure.

@Kiellog I was wondering, is it possible to create a global toggle between Mouse axis/ View plane transforms and their unconstrained versions?

What I mean is this: in strict modeling scenario’s the axis/ plane constraints are amazing, whereas during retopology I find myself often disabling the constraints within the modals. Without your tools, it was the other way around. So depending on the context I would prefer to either have the constraints on or off globally (so not per modal operation). The way I imagine this to work is like the X-ray selection tools, where there is a button that enables the X-ray selection tools or Blender’s default ones (and the button can be hotkeyed).

So preferably, there would be a button and a single hotkey that switch between Axis/ Plane/ No constraints for Move/Scale/Rotate tools, the new Context sensitive constrained extrude and perhaps also for the Dupe tool. I hope this made sense!

You can press “C” during moving , it switches the mode

Yes I know, but you cannot currently enable/ disable constraints for multiple edits. It’s a bit of a hassle to do that 10+ times in a row, same goes for enabling them in the default tool for 10+ times in a row. So I am hoping, in case it is possible, to toggle the constraints on/ off globally for subsequent all transforms. You would use “C” and “X/Y/Z” for exceptions. This is just to minimise user input :wink:
E: To be clear, my proposal is to have a Global toggle in addition to the Modal one.

I see your point. Yes, it would be nice

ah, I think I understand. to be specific then:

  • A global toggle hotkey that disables ALL auto axis behaviour, and all these uses std. grab/rot/scl, or whatever applicable
    (all meaning mouse move/rot/scl and vp move/rot/scl, and the other ones)

Yes, I think you get what I mean. Just to be sure, as this turned out to be more difficult to explain than I expected :sweat_smile:

A single button + hotkey to toggle between these three modes globally:

  1. Use the default Move, Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Dupe tools, etc. from Blender.
  2. Use the Kekit mouse axis constrained tools for Move Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Dupe tools, etc. (equivalent of “X, Y, Z” constraints)
  3. Use the Kekit View plane constrained tools for Move Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Dupe tools, etc. (equivalent of Alt + “X, Y, Z” constraints)

Pressing the proposed button/ hotkey cycles tools from mode 1 > 2 > 3 > 1, etc, depending on the active mode, the tools change to mode 1/ 2/ 3.

This means:
Users would have to assign hotkeys to the equivalent Kekit tools (just like you overwrite the default selection tools with the X-ray selection tools)
Press “G or W” and use the default Move tool in 1/ 2 /3 depending on the active mode.
Modal changes are performed for exceptions, for continuous activation of constraints, one activates mode 1/ 2/ 3.

It should be seen as using snaps, you can enable snaps globally and all tools use snaps. You can disable snaps using the modals in the the active tool to disable snaps for the current operation. And vice versa.
But instead of On/off Global and Modal in snaps, you have Axis/ Viewplane/ None for constraints Global and local.

E: I think it’s important to show the mode in the UI, possibly here:

You could use these default icons: AXIS_SIDE, EMPTY_AXIS & DOT

ok! i see. Note: this would need to be using a new operator (with move,rot,scl) that you would use to hotkey. it would then run either default, mm or vpm (as those two are sep ops already)
reg: icon, yes that is prob best. (though i’ll prob use “origin orientation” for default, a dot with gray vectors)


Update: I have implemented the “transform toggle”. It is working amazingly well I must say!
Great suggestion by Hologram there. I have some details to finish, but should be up soon.
(+I basically rewrote Unrotator…)


v1.409 is up!


Sick! It works like a charm and even better than I expected actually. :+1:

You released it just in time for the Blender fanboys to spam,… eh brag about having the best transform tools in the industry on the upcoming 3ds Max release vid. :wink:

If you could eventually bring this to the context sensitive extrude and dupe tools, that would be great. Thanks for the hard work and quick consecutive updates!!!

@Kiellog , @Hologram , this idea seems really nice, but I just can’t get it to work. How did you do the setup with the hotkeys? I am using quite heavily Mouse Axis Move/Rotate/Scale, binded to CTRL + SHIFT Left/Midle/Right combos respectively.
So my question should be - How do you make it to work? :smiley:

Hey, Set the ‘TT Move’ / Rotate / Scale tools (not mouse axis) as your transform tool hotkeys (GRS or WER, typically I think. disable the current assigned hotkeys first.)

and then a toggle hotkey (‘TT Cycle’) (if you dont want to click on the icons) as it is fastest. I assigned ALT-Q (as i dont need favourites menu)

I shoud prob make a video, but a bit busy atm.

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“Transform Tool Toggle” - nice addition! :+1:
But there is one thing that bothers me - the necessity of either reserve some hotkey(and it should be quick accessible) or click the icons.
Probably it could be improved ever farther if INSIDE of the tool we can have 2 hotkey switcher:

  1. switch to default behavior: as it is now “C”
  2. toggle between axis | plane transform during the operation: idn, lets say “Z” or “Q”
    And the tool should remember the last state.

Just thoughts and discussion, not call to actions, Kiellog (as far as I use some different solution for transform) :slight_smile:

Now I see! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hey, no worries.
All these tools more or less just run “Grab” etc with predefined starting “start” mode.
I haven’t seen any good system for post-modal signals in BPY yet, it gets pretty hacky.
In short, probably very hard to make it remember the last state. (I doubt it is even possible)
If I re-made the entire tool (grab,rotate,scale) , I could do it, but I’m not gonna ;>

I’m pretty happy with the current solution though, as it is not exactly made for in-operation switching at all, but extended work periods: going from posing fingers (I prefer the handles there) and then placing 20 boxes over a flat ground (VP is good) and the random moving (MouseAxis). You only need to sett TT mode once for desired task.