keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Hi, Kiellog! have kind of a suggestion- is it possible to make a tool for aligning 3d cursor ‘perpendicular to view’? something like this (for now i create a plane for such situations). Thank you for all.3dCa

hmm, i would select 4 verts, or the border edges, for that selection? (fit&align, select stuff, and then zeroscale cursor or what not) - might be doable with a one click thing ofc, but a bit niche ;>
edit: You can, in this case, convert selection to verts, fit&align, move cursor (so you dont have to reselect at all)

edit: you can also select 2 verts, fit&align, to make sure the Z axis is pointing from vert 1 to 2:
(and then just move the cursor wherever)

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Hi again:)
Maybe Dupe possible to realize as TTDupe?

yes, all the tools are there - so why not ;> (adding to list)

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Not writing awhile, but looked at your work closely.
Gorgeous addon, can’t even imagine using blender without it.

Can this options
be on/off by checkbox in keKit addon preferences?
only for that area. Can be on by default.

Also, “Cursor Fit & Align” (with checkbox on) in Object mode do not align at origin rotation angles. Is it possible to make it align?
And it does not recognize multiple objects selection. Would be great if with multiple objects selected it calculate middle point with rotations. For example I select two objects then use “Cursor Fit & Align” and it move cursor with rotation between two object origins.

Hiding the state-icons? yes; image
The “hide” checkbox. I should’ve mentioned it in the wiki, but didn’t…

(I will look into the obj align thing)
edit: it works like this: if you point ON the object, it will place the cursor in the center of the face under the mouse. it you have the object selected but point in space, it will match the object rotation. This has multiple use cases in one tool. But i have missed updating docs again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I can add multi object align, sure :slight_smile:


thanks! exactly what I needed

v1.425 is up!

Unrotator now has a (temporary) modal object surface snap mode, for when you just want to surface snap real quick, and dont want to fiddle with snapping settings (settings are restored after)
Notes etc:


Unrotator - awesome tool! Love it so much!

@Kiellog , if you touched Get & Set Edit Mode, I have an idea I hope you could be interested in.
There is a script(or is it by default, not sure) in Modo - when you click MMB on/near a poly/edge/vert it switches the mode accordingly. Quite handy feature, honestly. Probably it could be implemented in keKITT by extending Get & Set Edit Mode functionality?

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Hmm, i think it is doable (with a simple multimode viewpicker check), it would set the mode the mode to whatever component type you hover over. (with fallback to faces, should it fail) I’ll check it out.


Great to hear it :slight_smile:
Yeah, if you’re at Object mode, it sets Edit mode. If you’re at Edit mode, it sets Face/Edges/Vertex select mode acordingly.

Edit mode without any element mode selected in object mode? It would use whatever was used last (face mode if nothing was used last, I think is default behavior)
I did a test and it works with element-mouse over from both modes in my test. There are a bit too many subjective choices to be made here :wink:
I will add auto-element picker as an option to start with. (it will work on the current object as well)

Agree, leave it as it woks now when switching Obj->Edit mode

That’s the thing though, some may want to be able to switch to edge selection in object mode too. and I don’t want to make option toggles for every single behavior combination…

I’m a big fan of remembering selections ;)), so in my opinion it would be proper to go back to the last mode+selection when switching from Object mode (as it is now).

hmm. I have a hard time making the logic work for the selections with “element mode pick”. If you want to be able to point to a different objects specific element, say edge, but the the previous selection on that object were faces. it doesn’t make sense to keep the previous selection (it is also not possible if it the existing selection already covers it, like with new models = all elements are selected already)
I am using an op called viewselect to determine what element the mouse is over. this selects the element. which may or may not be kept. this adds to the complexity of the logic.
Add “extend” mode, and the logic becomes a mess.

In short, I’m leaning towards the “element mode pick” will have to override selections, even in “extend” mode (extend just extends object selection). I kinda like the “pick the element” override though, not just selection mode change. We’ll see. :wink:

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Than this will kill such a pipeline unfortunately:
Simple example:

I do believe that it’s essential to leave it’s behavior as it is now when you’re selecting an another object. And add new selection functionality for Edit mode only :slight_smile:

probably, it would be an option, though but… im saying you wont be able to change from faces to edges without loosing selections with the new option. which I understand wont work for you. I cant make it happen though. But, selecting a an element and switching modes (either from object or edit) is also useful. I’m leaning separate this from get & set, into a different tool now. :slight_smile:
edit: Or maybe… i dunno, I’ll get back to it at some point ;>

Yeah, this is also one of reasons I wrote you about those modo’s selections :slight_smile:

Currently I’m using almost identical to modo’s selection setup. It’s quite effective, but it was quite tricky to make it work because I had to use different solutions for 1,2,3keys for edit and object modes

I’m sure ;> I actually got it working, however, you would probably need a separate caching solution for selections (I assume you use) since changing selection from 2 edges to faces will remove those edges (2 edges does not make a face) etc. In my test it works, as blender works, if you have faces selected on the target mesh, and go to face mode, no problem, still there. but if you have 1 vert or 2 edges or something, the wont remain. like this (not using extend mode, jfyi, works in extend too):

(if you go back to vert mode there at the end the vert selection is gone, blender style) If you do have some caching solution that might work anyway.

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