Keltec RFB & Nightforce ATACR

Keltec RFB bullpup rifle, with Nightforce ATACR 1-8x24 and Ultramount. I created this gun as a fully game ready model as a practice project, Skechfab model is free for download!
All critiquing is welcome!



Nice presentation! I feel like gun renders here are usually on a gray background and I like that you’ve given this both contrast and liveliness with the background. Can’t go wrong with bull pups, they’re beautiful, nice rendition :slight_smile: I’ve never been much of a gun guy but I was huge into Airsoft years ago, wasted a lot of hours staring at bull pups I couldn’t afford :sweat_smile:


Thanks! I actually used the background from Keltec display at the Shot show. The RFB is one of the most affordable bullpup rifles on the market, you should really try shooting real guns, it’s a lot of fun!

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