Kenn Edwards *SketchBook*

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for the longest I’ll try to keep this updated as possible. I will try to show off some client work along with some random work. Some of my recent works

All of my work is modeled and sculpted in blender.


Some more pics I have a whole bunch lol

Impressive works
Especially the hands/arms studies. (my favorite)

Thanks man I really appreciate it Love your work aswell. :smiley:

Some more images

And more

Did some Cycles rendering thanks to a buddy of mines for teaching

Some More things Ive been making in the past week

Great work! As michalis, I love these arm studies, your anatomy knowledge is stunning. If I may ask, are you making these commercially or are, for example, these game characters personal work? The one in post #6 is my absolute favorite, the cross adds a lot to the character.
One thing about the rifle, the materials are great (PBR?), the wood pattern of the shoulder rest or whatever its called shouldnt bend with the surface if its manufactured from one solid piece of wood.
Truly amazing stuff, keep these coming so I can keep drooling on my keyboard :wink:

yeah alot of these characters are bored mess arounds and some were for little game projects that didnt go well lol. Thanks for compliments

Really great stuff, keep 'em coming :smiley:

Thanks Ill try my best lol

Something I worked on last night Its a short version of Black panther

The head seems a bit big to me, but great work on those arms.

Very very nice!!!
Love this thread!

Thanks Guys :smiley:

Very good work, love it - I agree that the heads and necks seem to be larger than I expect, but these have such great character

Added a little more detail into the suit just some more wrinkles

Also played with some logos And seen that his costume was similar to DareDevil so I thought I would try it LOL

Thanks Craid and i was going for a shorter version of the character I wanted to do a midget but i failed badly

I love the way you keep the body organic and human, most characters I’v seem fail badly in that particular avenue.

Love it, great proportions (except for the head).

Cheers Pal,