Kenya girl

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to model a African girl character…

added some frezy hair, it’s very rough wip though…

just modeled the hands and feet… :slight_smile:

Nice job, and good starting.
Try to not use triangular faces in the wiring, and use only rectangular faces.
The base of the nose between the eyes is a bit too large, even if it’s an african nose.

Good continuation. :slight_smile:

patemb, thanks for your crits, I’ve eliminated most of the triangles in the will post some wires soon…

character modeling is finish :smiley:

I’ve added shaders and colors to kenya girl, will add rigging aswell and start to make a beach jungle background

Pretty Good.

I think, the 2 collarbones ( named “clavicules” in french) are too low and must be at the shoulder-top level,
and must be slowly down-inclined in the center of the neck.

Take a look here ====>>>>

Take a look also for the base-top of the nose between the eyes ( too larger ).

good crits patemb I’ve made those corrections and I’m very please with the results, thanks a bunch… :yes:

:slight_smile: Interestingly enough, the proper anatomical name for them in English is “clavicles,” even though they are commonly known as collarbones. I love that the French name is so similar.