Keratosis pilaris

well i have had these redish bumps on the front of my upper leg area since i was about 5 or so, and they have been getting worse, spreading to my lower legs and on my arms. i just did a little research on the subject via wiki and google ans found out it is a hereditary skin condition called “Keratosis pilaris”. i am approaching 16, and i guess it gets worse when you hit puberty (which it has over the last few years of that). So i was just wondering if anyone else has this and has some forms of treatment, preferably avalible at like the local store and such. This skin condition makes me feel nervous in social situations, and in gym class where i have to wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt.The good thing is that it isnt harmfull to your health or otherwise.

the info said that 50-80% of adolescents (sp?) have this, and about 50% of adults have this condition.

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Wow…it’s a real condition. Though I’ve never asked my doctor about it or had a diagnosis I assume that this it what it is.

I’ve almost always had this, though I’ve never done any research into it or how to “cure” it. I’ve never payed much attention to it, I just assumed it was some irritation or somthing do to dry skin, I’ve always wondered why lotions never did a bloody thing to help.

It does indeed appear to be what I have though, thanks for sharing.

from what i gathered there is no way to cure it, but if you treat it and keep treating it regularly it can lessen up or dissappear as long as you treat it. there are lotions and moisturisers (supposedly dry skin can make it worse) that are made especially for this, im going to have to look into it and see whats avalable though.

Wow, I’ve had these for as long as I can remember, I always thought they were just zits, so I never gave it much thought. I mainly have them on the backs of my upper arms, but I noticed they’ve started to show up on my back.

Interesting, at least I’ve learnt something for the day.

I also thought they were just zits and at first I was thinking, “No there’s no way I could have that,” especially after looking at the worst-case pictures. Then I saw some that had more sparse dispersion on the back, what I had also thought were “just zits.” I definately have that - and after reading some more I found a page that said moisterizers containing urea, salicylic acid or alphahydroxy acids would help. Coincidentally I’ve been trying some new body soap (Gillette) and it had helped it somewhat. Surprise, surprise… it contains urea.

Learn something new every day, I guess.

hmm… ill have to check into that body soap too.