keWT - ke World Texture : Render Pass Baking for Blender

(Note: Not an actual tutorial - just to give you an idea of the general concept here. Please read the included documentation.)

“World Texture” here refers to generic (often tiling) textures that is often used for trim-sheets, terrain and any geo that does not need high to low poly baking. Thus, no UVs or low polys are needed in this workflow.


  • Near instant “baking” time using a heavily customized blend-file setup used with the add-on. (Made for EEVEE, but supports Cycles too.)
  • No 2x resolution necessary (AA comp nodes)
  • Non-square resolutions supported (in power of two)
  • Height map, AO, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive outputs and more…
  • Automatic frame-padding removal
  • Automated pipeline, for file & folder naming and creation

Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating!

Made/Tested on Win10, Blender 2.93. (TBD if it works on Linux/Mac/Other releases)