key adaper fof a quadriplegic

hi everyone

I made this for a quadriplegic so he can grip his key better it’s 3d printing atm


well done, superman. i would like to see more of your work. maybe you shall render in blender render instead of cycles because you have to change less values and it can still look good.

i think its just my laptop not powerful enought getting a new cpu soon with a kickass graphics card so then my renders will be nicer

Gday S-Markt I took your advice n used blender render n got a much nicer result :slight_smile:

thanks heaps

yeah, blender render is easier to handle so it´s easier to make the results look good. one tip about lighting: if you change the color of the shadow in the lightsources proberties from black to grey, you need less lightsources, because there are less dark shadows.

tried again with blender render shadows annoyed me to much