Key frame actual location of object effected by curve modifier

So I have a monorail (train), which uses a curve modifier to easily make it go along a track.

Animating it in Blender is easy, but I want to export that animation so that the curve isn’t relied upon.

Is there some kind of way of key-framing the actual location of the train? (169 KB)

No demo .blend file supplied so we don’t know exactly what you want to do !

You can use the Object / Animation / Bake Action option to convert some non keyframe animations to keyframe animations.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’ve attached a couple of .blend files. I’ve kept them as basic as possible.

The first one uses an armature with a bone constraint, then using the ‘animate’ button on the constraint.
The second one uses a curve modifier on the actual object and key framed manually. (169 KB)

I think I found solution: