Key framing the shape of a NURBS curve.

Is there a way to key frame the shape of a NURBS curve?

Say, starting as a spiral and ending up S shaped?

I tried using a another NURBS curve as a curve modifier on it, and you can deform it a bit, but not in this fashion. At least not how I was doing it.

You could use Shapekeys
You could use hooks (Ctrl+H) attached to the control points and keyframe animate the movement of the hooks. This could just be manual movement or animate the hook following a curve
You could use the AnimAll addon

Thank you very much for the quick reply, I will look into each technique you listed. Cheers.

Hooks definitely what I wanted here. Just add a hook to the control points you want to animate, move the hooks and and key frame them, and use the curve as a modifier or whatever. You saved me probably half a day of tutorials and barking up the wrong tree.