Key in the value of a loop cut or object in Imperial Measurements

I was trying to find through if it’s possible to key in the value of a loop cut or an object when I need an exact measurement. I’m using imperial measure. Say I have a flat pane I’m using for a wall 3 inches wide and 12 feet long, I want to add a loop cut for a door which is approximately 32 inches wide. Can I key this somewhere? I only seem to be able to adjust with the mouse and when I change it using the mouse I don’t see where the value was adjusted in the tools or properties.

In the properties panel (N) under Mesh Display (edit mode) you can turn on edge lengths
When add loop cut you can see amount in 3d view header

thanks for the reply.
Ok, while O found that I’m not sure what the numbers mean, I can see the horizontal ones are in inches, but the vertical ones don’t appear to be imperial, they top out at 10 where imperial measures are not base 10.
So there is no way to actually enter a value in with the keyboard?