Key pressed -> Play Frame by Frame

Hi there!

I have free time and I’m borred, so I decided to create a “simple” game, a pinball game!
Which, at the end, is not so simple :rofl:
This is what I’ve come up to after 4 days of work. I plan on releasing it for free, when it will be stable enough I’ll ask you guys to test it, and why not improve it if you can!

Here I’m facing a small problem which I think is pretty easy to solve,

I want a sensor, let’s say the Pink Cube, to move in 3 different positions, those are keyframed.
Position A - B - C
The problem is the sensor is switching from A to C without passing by B state.
Do you know how to solve this?

Here are some screenshots!

So far, the only problem I’m facing is collisions! It can run smoothly without any problem during 5 minutes, and then for no reasons the ball will be stuck inside an object (often the flipper) or go outside the table, which is normally impossible.
But I know how to solve the last problem.


  • Counting the score + score display
  • Decorative lights and maybe things to shoot
  • Add some animations
  • Add details


use a property to track the position.

collision -> and -> property(add/assign) -> pos 2
property (changed)-> and -> change action

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Thanks for the solution, I didn’t really understand it but it make me think enough to find another solution hey hey hey!

I don’t know how to explain this here so I’ll send a short video explaining things if some guys want!
Here’s the brick logic