i want to bang indigo

nice nice,
pretty realistic if not full proof realistic.
4 stars cause the scene looks dull.
But 5 stars on the rendering.
all in all 4.5 but since you cant do that.
i’ll round up and send u up with a 5.
Keep it up.

^^ Ditto, except i dont feel quite as generous, 4 stars.

Very nice, I get the sense that I am actually seeing the grind marks from a key making machine.

haha yes! i put ridiculous amounts of detail into the texture. right down to little nicks and scratches and yes, grind marks as well.

Thats pretty nifty! 4 shurikens

Nice render, the textures are good, but the major black groove I think should be modeled, and the teeth maybe more sharp edged IMO.
Good job 4*'s

the major black groove is in fact NOT a major black groove but in fact an angled section of the shaft(snicker) thats reflecting something black in my HDRI map i guess…so technically it IS modeled. look up where it attaches to the head of the key and you’ll see.

and as for the teeth, the teeth in my key are exactly that sharp. they look dull beucase its so close up. a steak knife could look dull if you look at it close enough.

Sorry, you are right, I was looking twoards the end of the key and not at the part twoards the head, and now that you point it out, I can see that it is modeled.
Again nice job :).

Nice one. Now it definitely doesn’t look like a drawing, but like a real key.

hey thats really good! i acually like the simple environment… idk it jus looks good to me. 5 stars

great image, I love the knurled texture.

The scene looks kinda off but the render is sweeeeet! 5 stars :slight_smile:

5 stars. Awesome. I’ve been working on a very similar project lately, although mine is still in first stages. Nice work!

Wire please?

kewl render but its waay too gigantic

dang i really want to see this image but my work has it blocked
any chance you could upload it to the forum

Waaaaaaaaaah Crop it damn you! :smiley:

Very good. Four stars since the scene is not very interested. The model is great and especially the materials are great. Cool!

The mesh seems to have some problems at the bottom of the key (small side facing the camera), perhaps some doubles or so. In the horizon is a slight darker grey line.

yes, i am aware of the rendering artifacts at the bottom, but i dont really care about it.

first of all, the large space is not only for interesting composition, but mostly beacuse i have a widescreen monitor and i like to make my own deskttops :]

aaand if you guys dont like my environment, do you have any ideas for a better one?
i tried a few, but since its SUCH a closeup view of the key, the texture for the ground needs to be REALLY big and high rez or closeup otherwise it looks blurry and poopy :]

I would really like to see a wireview of this, if that’s cool.