keyboard button that gives information?

Hi … I would like to know if there are plans for the blender have a button on the keyboard that gives us information about a particular tool or buttons in general … similar to the CTRL button in Zbrush I had the opportunity to navigate the interface and realized that pressing Ctrl and just hover over certain part of it already gives us information about what it means!

Blender has tooltips if you hover, but they’re not great. I agree that expanded tooltips with the Ctrl button held down would do a lot to alleviate confusion over some of the more esoteric operations within Blender’s menus.

You can press the right mouse button and select ‘Online Manual’ in the menu.
But this is no very on the point most of the time and often you don’t find what you search.

Just a note since it’s relevant… there will be improved tooltips in 2.72.