Keyboard keys

Just tested my game on a mac and recognised that the keyboard keys such as F1, F2, F3 and so on do still react on mac’s interface instead on the game interface.

Is there a method to prevent that? Thanks in advance

Yes, I use a Mac and I have to click the apple icon (top left), then System Preferences then Keyboard and Mouse, then click this button/check-list.

Ok thanks a lot for that so everyone playing the game on a mac should first do this? That would be bad. If so I would change the keys.

Yeah, it is bad, Macs aren’t gaming computers. :frowning:

Yeap that’s probably true. That’s one more reason I don’t like macs. They make me crazy:spin:

I know this thread is old-ish but i also know the game’s not finished, I recently saw this on BlenderNation.