keyboard layout


Up until recently blender has been fine, no errors. I have an AZERTY keyboard and I am running windows xp. Today whilst in the middle of blendering, I pressed ctrl + z to undo and I was asked if I wanted t save over the old save file. After a little experimentation I realized there must be something wrong with the keyboard layout in blender.

All other applications work just fine with my keyboard and accept it as an AZERTY and not a QWERTY. It may have been some keys or buttons I accidently pressed but I’m not sure. Please could someone tell me how to change the keyboard layout or tell me if this a bug that I’m experiencing (unlikely).

I apologize if there is already a thread about this, I did use the search tool… but the results weren’t very satistfying.

Very shortly you’ll be able to design your own Hot Key maps in 2.5.

Press Shift + Alt in Blender will swap the layout of your keyboard

Thank you very much Gwenouille, that fixed my AZERTY -> QWERTY problem!