Keyboard shortcut to switch the viewport shading to the cycles renderer?

You know how you can hit ‘z’ in the 3d viewer to switch to wireframe mode and ‘alt+z’ for shading? There’s gotta be a shortcut for ‘Rendered’ when using cycles as the renderer. I just can’t find what it is (if there is one - hopefully).

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Easy. Go to User Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U) -> Input. Under 3D View -> 3D View (Global) look for the Z and Alt Z keymap (Context Toggle Values).

Open up Alt+Z keymap and replace TEXTURED with RENDERED

That gave me this.

Looks like it might not be implemented.

Simple recap:

Hello mates (Blender Cycles users)

Hotkeys for viewport shading :

z - To switch between solid and wireframe
shift + z - For rendered
alt + z - For Textured

For Material and Bounding box you will have to define.

You can also define your own hotkeys for any blender function using User Preferences.


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Trying to get this to work in 3.1…as shown by maxon, but it´s not working, there´s also no value input field there, just module (if that is the same?)

I get errors.

Also, just using shift-z will mostly toggle between wire and material or solid, I need to be able to set one shortcut to switch to the viewport interactive renderer, regardless of if I am standing in the solid, wire, or material preview modes.

I don’t have 3.1 here, only 3.0, but it works fine in 3.0. (I hope this .gif helps)


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That my friend…solved the problem perfectly…in 3.1 alpha.
I tried some commands myself like that, but obviously not the right ones.

So it now works with a single shortcut click “v” as I assigned it to, just as I have in Lightwave for vpr.
Doesn´t matter if I stand on solid, wireframe or material, it will switch to rendered in any case.

You just have to be aware of having the cursor in the viewport or it won´t work, unlike Lightwave where it doesn´t matter if you by any chance have the cursoer on any prooperty panel or such, no big deal though.

I prefer a single key click
As Always, thank you so much Mikael for your support and those nice gif help files, much appreciated and a Merry Christmas to you in advance.

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