Keychain still life

Here’s an image of a keychain designed for my employer:

The keychain model was created in SolidWorks and imported and set up with the table and cube in Blender and rendered with Yafray using HDRI and DOF. A full-rez version is here. Please let me know your thots.

nice. i think your employer is or will be very pleased to see this.

George Loves Spicy Chicken!

very nice dude
george? what has that got too do with this?

i think the design is a little cheap. looks like plastic model parts that you twist and pop out to make a model car or something. also the material helps achieve this effect.

Pretty good design on those keychains. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

George Loves Spicy Chicken!


i think the design is a little cheap.

Yeah, I agree… it was intended to be laser or water-jet cut out of stainless sheet metal to hand out at a big meeting we hosted recently… Keeping cost down was an important factor. They ended up not doing it.

This was the idea for last year’s event:
Talk about cost! We had one made locally using RP and it cost over $300! Needless to say, they didn’t do that either!

looks like plastic model parts

I agree with this, also… I wanted some good shiny metallic reflections, but haven’t perfected that look, yet. It probably is not a realistic look for the intended material, anyway. More to make it look “showy” and impressive. (“Ooooo, look at the pretty shiny metal things!”)

I may come back to this project and add some keyrings and some keys to the still life. Its all about having the time…