Keyed Particle Logo Reveal

Hey guys, my first time working with keyed particles, and I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. I am trying to make a template for a Fiverr gig that will (hopefully) be able to supplement my campus job (along with other Logo reveal gigs) so I can afford to continue through college. Obviously, the animation does not have any audio yet (and I would love tips for finding free audio to use), but what can I do to make the animation more appealing? The final image at the end seems very plain to me. Hit me with all of your critiques!

Logo Reveal:

My competition on Fiverr have a lot of success with Logo Intros/Reveals, but most of them are from After Effects. I’m hoping to have similar success using Blender.

Hi mate, here’s what I’d do to improve your animation:

  1. Firstly, at the moment, the animation is like divided into parts, where the first part is the beginning with red particles creating logo, after that, the particles remain still, and just after some time the logo sharpens. The same applies to the white writing below the red logo. IMO, if you want your animation to be appealing, it should be fluent. At the moment, it’s not and loses dynamic. Try to avoid parts where you logo animation stops for no obvious reason (even if the white writing is appearing on the screen, I was wondering, why the heck the red logo is so… undefined, if that’s the right word). You don’t have to necessarily shorten the whole piece, just be sure it’s fluent. Maybe slow down particles animation, or let them move a bit after they’ve created the logo…? It’s up to you.
  2. Next thing, try to play with the particles more. For example, try to add some force field to the scene, to make them move in different directions, spin, or something. Again, to make the whole thing more dynamic.
  3. You may consider using different materials for particles, or playing with compositor, but that’s an option, as I have no clue what effect you’re after. I mean, some animated glow maybe after the logo finally appears?

No tips about the music. My way is to just google for it for as long as you find something you like :slight_smile:

Ok, hope this helps.