Keyed Particles

I have studied animation a lot this week… get bored with so much information… so i decided to try another think just for fun and i discovered more about the particles system of Blender! Specifically the Keyed Particles! Here is the result:

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Now the videos are online.

This is pretty awesome. :smiley:

The first one is pretty meh, but the second one is awesome. I could see this being used for logo animations and other titles. Vector blur rocks! :slight_smile:

Glad they are up again… yes these effects are neat. Could it work with an animated armature? You know, to make something like the sandman from Spiderman 3 or the schoool of fish forming shapes in Nemo?

Good work eversimo!

The second one is awesome!

Wow… how are you doing this?

And how are you getting speed-blur on particles? that doesn’t seem to work for me.

@Lancer - I think about it too! But didn’t try… I think it could be done if my mesh target(suzanne) have an armature… I will try it.
@yogyog - - Here i get the information for the particles, and… the motion blur is a vector blur node, my particle is a cube.

Wow, that is really cool. I haven’t seen anything like this from Blender yet. Nice Job.

Would love to have a tutorial for the second on! :slight_smile: nice work

The video 01 is the viewport preview and the second one is just the render. Both are the same project.
I don’t know if i can do a useful tutorial about the keyed particles… I don’t understand everything about this system, I just read the documentation pages of particle system from, it is really useful! This videos are just the result of that pages
Thanks by the comments!

Your comments encourage me to try other way to use Keyed Particles. Thank to “Lancer” by the idea! I used a old rig character animation made by me some time ago…


any chance you could post the blend or the settings for your keyed particles dude

It really looks awsome. It’s like the sandman or the same effect when all those sentinels formed a face in the Matrix. This should go into the showcase videos sections for the 2.5 release

eversimo: awesome effect! could you please post .blend file with monkey? I’d like to see the setup and how is it done.

I tried to post the .blend here (my rapidshare account expired)… but it have 1.7mb compressed!!! Particles increase the size of .blends!!! But I made some screenshots with some annotations to explain better.


you can upload your blend to pasteall

Thanks, stvndysn!