KeyFrame Fluid Object

I an not able to figure out how to keyframe a fluid object (not inflow) Selecting an object to act as a fluid and then have that object become a fluid at a specific keyframe


  1. 3 UV spheres
  2. ground plane
  3. 360 frames

I like to be able to active each fluid object at specific intervals

object 1 (single drop): starts at frame 1

object 2 (single drop): becomes active fluid at frame 120

object 3 (single drop) becomes active fluid at frame 240

I can keyframe inflow or outflow no problem but how to keyframe a fluid object, any ideas

If I try to help you with this new question, will you just get distracted and move on to something else before accomplishing anything again? You keep starting these fluid threads without ever finishing what you’ve already started.

My apologies I was not aware that I had to keep finished threads alive with chit chat, you input here would be appreciated

I’ve update all the threads I’ve started

I tried each object as inflow keyframe first frame enabled then keyframe next frame disabled but the effect is ok but not as good as using fluid. The drop I prefer is made from fluid and looks great just need to be able to keyframe an object to become active

Can you show your .blend file, or are you just going to close this thread when I ask you to supply it?

When you ask for help and people ask you for clarification or more information about your problem, that’s not “chit chat.” You have a bad habit of asking a question, then rudely abandonning the thread whenever someone asks for the info they would need in order to help you. Then you start a new thread with a similar question that probably could have already been answered if you just stuck around long enough to get your first problem answered. And the cycle continues…

actually this question was not part of any other question…so I am confused you are the only person I seemed to have PO’d, this is not my intention to cause you problems, if you have the answer to this question please provide resolution.

All I need ot know can I sequence enable a fluid object so that each fluid object becomes active at different intervals and how do I go about doing that.

I already asked for the .blend file so I can see what you tried to do. Where is it?

Assuming I understand correctly what you want, you need to bake a fluid simulation first, save the cache, then play that cache back with a negative offset value on the Domain object. An offset value of -30 means that the scene itself begins 30 frames prior to the fluid, so it would begin reading from the fluid cache at frame 30. You would need to keyframe the visibility of the Fluid object off and the Domain object on at that frame. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, post a .blend file so I can see what you’re doing.

I have said this on more than one occassion I cannot and will not be uplaoding comnmercial projects.

The question is simply I have 3 uv sphere and each one is set to fluid (not inflow) can sequence each of these objects to be key framed to enable at different frames.

Inflow is not a problem as it can be keyframed enabled and disables at any given time, same as your solution for keyframing filling tank to higher capacity.

Teh fluid doe snto have such a toggle and all 3 spheres drop fluid at the same time, how do I simply enable and disable each fluid object at different intervals.

it’s simple question that requires no files

There is no way to offset the timing of three different interacting fluids in one domain. You can bake a whole fluid simulation and offset its whole timing as one, but as you are describing it, there is no way to do that.’

And as I’ve said before, just post a demo file that shows what you’re trying to do. Simple test files that don’t work aren’t “commercial projects.” No one is going to either buy or steal your broken test files. Get over yourself. Create an example that shows what you’ve tried and what result you’re getting, and describe how that is different from the result you want. Don’t make people do the extra work of trying to recreate your circumstances.

that is interesting yet I can enable and disable inflow and outflow objects but not a fluid object. The fluid object give the best result I am looking for .

I’ll have to bake each segment individually but I really wanted them to interact with one another, thanks for the info.

You can turn a faucet on and off, but water is still water. It’s a fluid simulator, not an ice and steam simulator, so it’s either fluid or it’s not. Can’t keyframe that. All you’re keyframing with an inflow or outflow is whether or not it emits or absorbs fluid from the simulation, not whether or not fluid exists.

What exactly are you trying to simulate here? The only time I can think of something becoming fluid is a solid melting, but just keyframing a fluid on or off wouldn’t simulate that anyway. I can’t think of an equivalent effect to what you’re describing.

No software is perfect, doing each one separately is not deal breaker it would have need nice, but baking each object separately will work.
Thank you for the input and I hope we are on a better footing from this point on.

You’re not very good at answering questions are you? :stuck_out_tongue: Work on that and we’re fine!

what questions?

That one, to start with.

it’s resolved, this thread is closed

I ask a question that could lead to more helpful answers to your problem and you ignore me and declare the conversation over. Big surprise. Helping rude people is such a nice way for me to spend my time…

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