Keyframe issue

I have a problem with keyframes in my armature. This is a positioning issue, not a mesh issue. I have some keyframes that I can’t move or delete. They can only be selected directly, select all won’t select them. The keyframes may be the result of beginning in 2.79, then continuing in 2.81. The only thing I can say for sure is I can’t account from them. REALLY don’t want to have to rebuild the animation. Does anyone know about this? I have noticed the same thing on other objects and materials, but so far this is the only instance where it’s a problem.

Are those channels locked? Look for a lock icon next to the channel in the list on the graph editor.

Thanks. No. I checked that. These keyframes are on the same channel as the others that I can edit. I did try “clean channels “, although I’m not sure what that does.

I guess I’d have to see a file to have a chance of telling you anything else.

Thanks a lot again. Here’s the file. I tried to get the file size down a bit first by eliminating some objects, but could only get it down so far. I’ve included a screen shot with a red circle and arrow pointing to the problem keyframes. The problem one are all in white. Thanks a|attachment (3.8 MB)

For some reason, there’s no link to a file in that message. Is the message formatting screwed up?

Here it is again. (2.0 MB)

That file gives me a few link error warnings.

I would suspect that linked data is responsible for the keyframes that you can edit-- you’re supposed to edit animations in the linked file, in my understanding. But I’m not very familiar with linking (I avoid it, I find it irritating for solo work) and I’m also not very familiar with NLA work, so I’m not the best person to troubleshoot this problem. I didn’t even find the keyframes you were talking about.