Keyframe whether particles are emited

Is there any value in the particle settings I can keyframe to control whether particles are emitted? I have an object that I want to emit particles on and off over a 4 min period.

Ok, a little more info - so far I have an audio track controlling an empty with its volume. This audio track is the brass section - it pops up after each chorus for 8 bars and a few other bits. Via drivers I currently have the volume of this track controlling the Emission > Lifetime and Render > Scale … but …

Emission > Lifetime can only go down to 1. this means that even when there’s no brass the particles still pop up for one frame, whereas they shouldn’t be there at all.

Render > Scale controls not just the size of the particles as they’re emitted, but all the particles. This means the particles pop put of existence the moment the brass finishes playing.

I asked for something that can be keyframed as if I can keyframe it, I can add a driver.


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Found a solution… basicly using drivers to teliport the emmiter 10 metres underground when the volume is 0.

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