Keyframes and changing rotation mode...

I keep stepping into this trap. Don’t ask. Carelessness. End of story.

Soooooooooo is there a way to change the rotation mode of my bones without losing my keyframes?

Am I screwed? I’ve got a big pile of keyfames. A REALLY big pile…

What do you mean by “rotation mode” - do you mean the bones individual axes, in which case you can go to Edit Mode for the armature and “normalise” them or selected ones by pressing CTRL-N then picking an axis normalising mode from the next pull down to appear. Or do you mean you have used Quaternion instead of XYZ Euler rotation mode, etc in which case I think you have to change each bone’s mode individually. Or do you mean you have rotated them about the 3D cursor instead of individual origins, in which case I think you may be screwed! Please clarify, in case I have just made an complete idiot of myself. by not understanding your question properly…

Cheers, Clock.

Okiedokie, let’s be more specific. And hey, I see you only trying to get to the bottom of my problem, and I’m thankful of that.

So, we’re in Pose Mode - that’s where keyframes apply, right?

We’re making poses and keyframes on the time line. Only we’ve been doing it all with Quaternion instead of XYZ Euler. Quaternion is a pain in the ass. I like XYZ Euler better. I feel it gives me more control. I wish to use XYZ Euler.

Now, in Pose Mode, I know how to change the rotation mode for all of my bones at once - I know how to make all the bones use XYZ Euler instead of Quaternion at once.

Only, if I do that to a bone (still in Pose Mode) I lose my keyframes for that bone altogether.

And I’d like to have XYZ Euler, but I’d like to keep my keyframes, too.

I’d like you to tell me how to do that to all the bones in one go - I frequently forget to change them to XYZ Euler…

I have tried this repeatedly and every time I change a bone’s mode from one type to another, it loses ALL its keyframes and ALL its drivers. I think we both need someone else to tell us both how to avoid this, if in fact it is possible to do.

Sorry I am not any more help.

Cheers. Clock.

Thanks for the heads up on the multi bone edit, via your PM

Kind regards