keyframes for curvepath & curvefollow

(d52477001) #1


i have a problem: I have an object parented to the curve and i turned on curvepath and curve follow. Whenn i press alt-a the object follows the curve. I now want to turn the movement of the object into keyframes so that i can use it in the gameengine. Is there anyway to do this or is there an other way use this animation in the gameengine? Thanks for da help 8) .

oh, and one other thing. when you go to tools and then select autorun what does it do? it does not automatically start the game when the file is opened so i have no idea.


(S68) #2


Place yourself at frame 1, select object, press I, store keyframe, advance to frame 11, press again I, store keyframe…

It worked for me to change orientation during animation.



(d52477001) #3


it doesn’t work. when i give the object keyframes they are all on a straight line. i also have to remove the parenting otherwise the object doesn’t show up when i enter real-time mode. when i do this the object loses its animation even if i select ‘clear parent but keep track’. Any idea what i am doing wrong?