Keyframes not taking?

I’m setting keyframes for position, rotation, scale, just trying to get the basic cube to move. I can tell that the software is setting the keyframes, but it’s not recognizing any changes I make. If I scale the cube up in a keyframe, it snaps back to the original settings. If I rotate or reposition it, same story. Any ideas?

Not very clear what’s going on. If you create a keyframe, then scale an object, you’ll have to keyframe again. Keyframes are particular values-- they’re not just, “remember how I positioned things on this frame.”

If you want, you can try enabling auto-keyframing, which may behave more like you expect.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Auto-keyframing did the trick. I didn’t explain my process well. Even without auto-keyframing on, I had two different values at two keyframes and the software wouldn’t accept the manual adjustment.