Keyframes won't synchronize

Hey !
I have keyframe some text in blender and been try to append the text and keyframe in another blend file( it’s lyrics that match with a music )

The problem is that the keyframes doesn’t match anymore in the other file , I have also try to copy paste from the file to the other but I always have a delay of the keyframes, they’re all shifted…
I’m afraid because I also have a fluid simulation in my file and thought about chang the time scale for something more slow in the water but it’s going to be even worst right ?

I keep step the same in output propreties too

I’ve just realize that even if I haven’t change the time scale of the fluid simulation yet, that’s what cause the delay of the text keyframe… whats the best option ? remove all of them manualy according to the time of the water simulation ?it’s gonna take ages :sweat_smile:

Soo, I just put the time scale of the fluid simulation to zero and as in a spell, lyrics are perfectly align ! But guess what ! the water simulation doesn’t work of course… , what a dilemma :sob: :sob:

Nobody have a solution here ?

try remake the simulation in the actual scene, import only the values.

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I think that no matter what I try like redo the fluid simulation , it’s seems to ‘change the time’, in the veiwport / render