Keyframing deformation problem

Heya, been sneaking around the forums for a while and now i desided to register :slight_smile:

to the thing.

i am doing a book with pageflip animations, the thing is that i am using simpledeform to make the pages bend.

since this book is supposed to go inside the unity game engine, they dont transfer when using the standard setting.

i also tried to go into blenders game renderer and record the animation. without any results.

is there another function to somehow keyframe the deformation so i can export it into Collada or .Fbx?

any help would be nice since im in a slight pinch here ^^

What kind of animation technique does Unity accepts? Does it need bones?

.mdd format is a widely-accepted vertex animation format, maybe an export to that would work for you in Unity? 2.49b had a good .mdd exporter, not so sure about 2.57x

thanks for the replies, unity accepts bones animations so had to switch to that technique instead. works better :slight_smile: