Keyframing in the outliner for render visability

Although this involves Rigid bodies animation, it really is more of an interface question.

Doing an animation of something breaking glass… I used the cell fracture to shatter glass. Once the glass is shattered
I now have 150 individual objects (the shards of glass)

I need to do a switch out of the regular glass for the shattered glass. I’ve keyframed the solid glass eyeball in the outliner window to turn off at frame 50.

I need the shards to be turned off until frame 50 and then all turned on so they render at frame 51.

My problem is how do avoid having to keyframe 150 rendering eyeballs (or cameras I guess it would be) for the shards of glass? Is there a quick way?

If possible can you clarify one thing… your saying select all the objects, But I’m not understanding what you mean when you said… keyframed last

should I first select a single shard and keyframe the visability in the outliner panel for that one shard, than select all shards and select that keyframed one to make it the “active object”… than do ctrl L …animation data to copy keyframes

Hey JA nevermind on the clarification… I did what I thought you meant, and it worked… thanks a bunch!

I was a little worried since I was using a RBody simulation that it would copy that data, but luckily it did not.