Keying out stuff

I am using the composite node editor to alter an image but i would like to remove its blue background, is there a node that keys out (gets rid of) certain colours or a way of bringing in an image where blender recognises layers or better still a transparent background from photoshop for example?




I would recommend you download a CVS build from and use the new difference key or chroma key nodes (tutorials at: ). I’d love some feedback on the tutorials if you don’t mind.



the blue background is your default world setting and can be nothing or anything you want. see You dont need any new builds to do what you want. To use an image as a background, see the wiki on backbuf in Render

cool thanks for that, i’ll put up a few shots when i’m done, although it’ll probably look a bit ropey…happy new year



i’m nearly there but the CVS Build i need by bob - see above - isnt in OSX format so there has to be another way to do it using the blend build i have already, oh and i cant get the patch to work, think the link is dead. also i dont want to composite onto a background image i want to composite into a blender scene already built, the composited image is static as well not a moving image so dont think i should have to use billlboards…any further assistance would be great, thank you!