Keys - Snap to frame? - What does it do?

I read somewhere (possibly in release logs or bug fixes) that Shift-S will now snap keys to frame in the Action Editor. I selected a key and hit Shift-S (or CTRL-SHIFT-S) and although I get a pop-up question “Snape to frame?”, nothing happens.

What is snap to frame supposed to do and how is it used?

The reason it doesn’t do anything is because you’ve inserted your keyframes on a frame number.

In the Action Editor, if you zoom in really close, you can slide the keys inbetween whole frame numbers, for example: 1.5 ,( in cases where you are just randomly moving things around in order to get things to “look right”, ie. just “roughing” in your animation and are not paying attention to the fact that the key is not exactly on a frame), if you then decide to place all the keys back to a whole frame, just snap them to the frame and you should see the keys shift slightly.

That’s what figured and I’d tried but it didn’t do anything. I placed a lattice key (RVK) halfway between two frames and it stayed there. I’ve tried it again now but with a bone pose key and it works. I guess it isn’t fully implemented (or I wasn’t paying attention earlier.)

Thanks for that.