keyshapes strips timeline issue

hi , i just finished the char animation bsod and i started doing this:

i have a mesh , i make dierent shapes then make all of them strips of the same lenght (11) so if i put 4 actions in the time line and export threm i have loop with 4 thiferent shape mixing one at a time , first riff shape 1 , second riff shape 2 etc… ,the thing is i’ve benn having problems with this actions ,sudenly sometimes i dont know what i do but the mesh in the 3d window dont do the actions no more it stays still , i move the timeline and the mesh stay still even i see some values move ( the sliders )

why sometimes when when working with shapekeys actions and strips , the 3d window stops working even if im on object mobe , swiched the ‘‘botton’’ on the ipo window ( shark attack ) that lets the stips work well , and changed the botton for swiching the timeline to work on the nla or in the action editor

swiched the ‘‘botton’’ on the ipo window ( shark attack )

I have to admit I didn’t understand most of your description of how you have things, so I’m not sure, but look in the NLA editor, on the left, and make sure that you have those icons toggled to the NLA symbol. You don’t want the shark attack there.