hi all

really loving doing this sculpting, decided to sculpt my daughter.

cheers shaun


hi all

a little bit of extra work done :smiley:

hi all

i need some help please.

  1. rendering using cycles, but no matter what i try i cannot seem to get a crisp render no matter what number the samples. the pic has 1000 samples. not much better at 4000 samples.
  2. using cycles seems to flatten out most of the bump i have, or is this just because of the lack of crispness.




Have you tried multiresample samping? Maybe it will help a bit.

maybe the SSS is too strong? it tends to wash out bump detail on my meshes.

Artorius is right. There is too much subsurface scattering.

hi cergina

thanks, but i cannot find how to do this, can you point me in the right direction please.

hi artorious and minoribus

here is a pick without sss, i have used a scale of 0.07, if this is too high what is a good setting, or is it just testing until it is correct?

some other things i need help with, the FOV in sculptris is 30 deg and if you look at the attached pic, it looks as if everything is in correct proportion, (well to my eye anyway, maybe trained eyes will see something else), but when i have exported to blender the sculpt seems elongated and her face looks like a horse, any ideas? i have set the blender camera to 30 deg.

cheers shaun

Without the SSS one can see some very fine skin structure. I guess this is too subtle for use with SSS without additional nodes. How is your setup?

For portraits and closeups of the face you should try a camera that it set to 50 or better 80 mm focal length. That preserves proportions better.

hi minoribus

thanks for advice, really appreciate it.

have not touched this for a while, made some improvements to sculpt and been trying to get the skin better, please any crits/advice on improving skin will be appreciated.


Speed777777, I’m sure you know that doing these closeup renders of a human face is one of the most difficult CG tasks ever? :slight_smile:

From what I read, many CG-Artists will recommend layering three different skin layers. Did you look at the various skin threads here on BA? A really subtle sss would help also, if you are doing closeups like this one. But I would also say, that the diffuse texture of the skin is too uniform at the moment. Skin has very subtle but noticeable shades of yellow (where it is thicker), red and blue.

Here is a link to a great tutorial of a great character artist. I found this very helpful. He also discusses the importance of the underlying sculpting.

Hi minoribus

it is proving a great challenge for me. i have been watching tutorials, but this skin is very very tricky.
i come from an archviz background so this is very new to me, really enjoying it a lot, as a hobby, but progress is extremely slow :yes:

thanks for repeated tips, really appreciate it


hi all

a bit more work done, still working on getting the skin right as well as eyes and eye-lashes. still need to do the lips.

cheers shaun